Different factors affect the operation of the Distributor. These include the conditions in the laboratory (humidity, static electricity, dust, etc.) and the research protocol (thickness of filter, reaction constituents, etc.)

What causes uneven distribution of the sample discs?

Static, dust and humidity may cause uneven distribution of the sample discs. If disc(s) have not been deposited, turn on the air pressure again and press the green button to force the disc(s) out of the tube. If only one or two discs remain on the cutting plate, remove them with forceps and place in the vials. If a disc is stuck within the Distributor, use the wire brush provided to dislodge the disc from the tube. Push it through the tube slowly. Make sure that filter material does not become attached to the mesh on the cutting/transfer plate. If discs are left in the Distributor, there may be errors in subsequent assays.

Routinely clean the Distributor with the wire brush and Staticide solution. Maintenance supplies are available at the Inotech office.

Can pre-soaked filters be used with the Inotech Distributor?

Filters pre-soaked in P.E.I., polyethylenamine, tend to stick to the cutting plate and within the Distributor. The Inotech Distributor is not recommended for use with P.E.I.-treated filters.