How often do the glass beads need to be changed?

Inotech recommends changing the glass beads once a month, especially with daily use of the Sterilizer.

Why are particles sticking to the instruments after sterilization?

Each instrument needs to be wiped clean before sterilization within the Dry Sterilizer. If particles remain on the instruments, then the particles may become "glued" to the instruments because of the heat of the glass beads.

Will the Dry Sterilizer destroy spores?

The Inotech Dry Sterilizer destroys all microorganisms, including spores. The glass beads are heated and maintained at 250oC (+/- 10) temperature.

How long should the instruments be left in the glass beads of the Inotech Dry Sterilizer?

Plunge the instruments into the glass beads for ten seconds.