Inotech introduces the Programmable Hesitating Rocker for controlled, reproducible washing and mixing protocols.


  • The Inotech Programmable Hesitating Rocker provides precise control over the tilt, duration and frequency of the platform movements.
  • The Programmable Hesitating Rocker has 2-50 cycles per minute, 3-5 tilt and programmable pauses at any degree.
These features ensure unprecedented precision in optimizing platform movements for every assay: blotting, probing, washing, as well as protocols that require reproducible, mechanical processing of biological samples.

Innovative Aspects:

  • The Inotech Programmable Hesitating Rocker provides automatic horizontal return, safety clutch and digital LCD control panel. This innovative technology ensures convenience and safety on the bench or in the incubator.
  • The Inotech Programmable Hesitating Rocker has two modes of operation: Automatic and Manual...
    • Automatic mode ensures that the swing of the platform is uniform with the controlled frequency and stroke of rocking. The automatic mode enables the researcher to set a specific amount of time for the rocking of assays. Once the programmed time has elapsed, a chiming sound is given to alert the user.
    • Manual mode enables the platform to pause at the full stroke position for a pre-determined period of time. Also, the speed of platform movement is programmable.

Maximum Load: 5 Kilograms.
Stroke: 3/8” to 1 1/2” stroke in 1/8” increments.
Timer: 3.5 hours in Automatic Mode. In Manual Mode the timer controls the pause of motion at the full stroke position.
Frequency: 2 to 50 full cycles/minute in Automatic Mode. In Manual Mode the frequency determines the speed at which the platform moves to each full stroke position.